With Xmas less than a week away (and the new year following not long afterwards) I turn my attention back to this post made shortly after the turn of 2010 involving a certain silver Skyline. It was a rather whimsical entry detailing a list of things which needed to be done in order to gain “400PS+” in said vehicle, and the first steps taken down this path… of glory? destruction? Something like that.

Fast forward nearly twelve months, and the list now looks like this:

COMMITMENT, part 2. Or what actually happened in 2010.

That! was! MADNESS!

So contrary to all expectations at the time, 2010 ended up being the Year of the Banana instead.

One bitter irony: I fixed the Skyline’s alternator with parts from Japan, only to have it shit itself again in exactly the same manner as before. As a result I now plan to fit an alternator from a Subaru in protest. Screw you, Nissan.

But don’t worry, 2011 will more than likely become the Year of the Squid, if the gigantic parts pile in the corner of my bedroom and lack of anything non-trivial left to complete on either the coupe or the RX-7 is anything to go by. And I did manage to get some use out of the damn thing; see this video of me fanging it around Taupo back in August (which also proved that even without any serious modding, the car is still a barrel of laughs to drive!)

And I didn’t end up buying a BNR32, so you can all breathe a sigh of relief now. Instead, I wants me a Starion.

Happy Humbug 2010 all, and have a safe holiday!

Looking forward to a LOT more of this next year.

Thanks to Rob/Apeshit for the trackday footage and photo.

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