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Have cool (car), will travel.

December 23, 2010

As this year draws to a close I realize that I haven’t actually made any plans for the new year’s break, apart from catching up with some friends in the Waikato.

So with this is mind, and also the fact that the RX-7 is deserving of some good honest summer cruising; the gods know the amount of shit I went through just to get it road legal, and it’d be a huge waste just to leave it sitting, here’s my question – what’s the haps in your neck of the woods, and is there any room for a lone wanderer like me to swing past for a visit and a yarn? Name thy poison and I’ll do my best to provide it upon arrival.

I feel a roadtrip around the North Island beckoning. Have cool, will travel!

Just my luck that petrol's now $2.14 a litre for the good stuff...