It has been an interesting week.  Recently the blue S21D-4 for sale relatively locally took a massive drop in price.  It was then bought by some decent sounding chap who lives on the other island of this tiny country.  This meant it was no longer available for me to some-how get and then decide which one of the two I wanted to complete.  That said, at least it’s going somewhere and likely getting sorted instead of sitting in an old mental asylum.

Then this morning I was browsing the ever wonderful JNC forums and stumbled upon this;

1960 Prince Skyline ALSIE-1

Yep.  New/Recent pictures of a recent purchase of one of only 600 Prince Skylines exported to the United States.  There are survivors!  So cool. (literally, look at that snow!) It really does appear to be in fairly decent condition too…

The snow photographs appear to be the more recent ones and then there’s a couple from perhaps where it was found/picked up from or perhaps just earlier in the year.

…and one of the interior with what looks like a spare gauge cluster.  I wonder whether another of the 600 has given a few of it’s dying parts to keep this one alive.

It looks super tidy.  It also makes me curious about whether the other one known to exist has been completed by MOONS as the rumours told.


Blue 1st Generation’s are the order of December it seems.



  • Orion says:

    Was there a reason for its being located in a mental asylum?

    Ex patient’s car? ;)

  • Clint says:

    Whomever owned the car before the previous owner had access to 3 cars. I have a pink rim which is the same color as the mooneye’s car. The gauge cluster and some body parts I found in the trunk are a dark blue/green which apparently is the color of nzmax’s car. I wish I could track the old owner down. I sent NZmax a couple pics of all the spare parts, he has been a great help in figuring things out. I will let you know when it starts zooming again.
    Thanks Clint

  • Clint says:

    On a side note I feel like a rock star :-)

  • kyteler says:

    Good to see you’ve already enlisted Steve’s help, he’s a font of knowledge and a really good chap to boot. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll help any way I can also, my digital information is strewn across a multitude of drives and makes it hard to locate, my physical information is in several locations and makes it hard to get at short notice, hahah. Always something.

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