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If you don’t know, for shame.


A recent post on the JNC forums reminded me of this article I had in a magazine.  I spent a while trying to find the magazine amongst the pile of them that I have, eventually coming to the conclusion that I left it with ANOTHER pile at my brother’s place.  In the end, I found it and here it is for you to read.  Interesting (I think) that it was mentioned in an Australian sports car magazine but then not really ever again, despite it’s success in Japan and the popularity of the previous GT-B in Australia.


You know you have problems when you start buying parts for a car you don’t have…

You heard me.

DR30, Pre-Surgery 3-slat

A parts 30 Coupe came up on TM the other day, I wanted the grill, Ed wanted the FPC and given the car was in Auckland it made a lot of sense for him to pick the grill up on my behalf, stoked about that, cheers Edwardo von Tekamen.

I’ve been eyeing up R30 Coupes for years, there’s usually at least one on at any given time.  Currently there’s a nice KHR30 for sale in Palmerston North, unfortunately it’s a bit of a distance and I have no money to purchase at this point in time.  There’s also a couple of genuine DR30′s but they’re not really my thing, I’d prefer the L-series to the FJ-series, basically comes down to 6 vs. 4 cylinders for me.  There is a couple of coupes locally that I can enquire about again when I have some money to spend.

The important part is that when I do get one, I won’t have to put up with the ugly honeycomb or two slat type grill.  Yuck.


During the blog downtime last week, I received a message in my inbox from a couple in Malaysia who had contacted me to show me their C110 Project, they had been given my email address by Ewan ( whose contact details they had received by reading this entry “Want to buy from YAJ? Here’s How” many months ago, doing such they managed to attain a few parts through Ewan from Yahoo! Auctions Japan which they then have shipped to Singapore (where they work) before embarking on a coach ride back, with the items, to where they live in Ipoh (that’s a 6 hour journey).  A 6 month process to date sees the short wheel base, 4cylinder car, looking fantastic;

Clean and Beautiful in White.


So, seeing as the site seems to be working again (whether it did it on it’s own or Ed fixed it, I’m not sure) I might as well post about this little sucker that I bought off the other day.

The seller had originally bought it himself under the impression it was a Cortina GT badge, luckily for me, it was nothing to do with the blue oval.

The 1st Red GT Shield that adorned the S54B Skyline GT

Choice, little bits of Skyline history are always good.  it’s likely I’ll never be able to get my hands on a whole S54 so I’ll make do with the badge.

You can read a little more about when this GT badge came about on the Skyline History entries I wrote, in particular.  This one:  Skyline History, Part 5.