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You know you have problems when you start buying parts for a car you don’t have…

You heard me.

DR30, Pre-Surgery 3-slat

A parts 30 Coupe came up on TM the other day, I wanted the grill, Ed wanted the FPC and given the car was in Auckland it made a lot of sense for him to pick the grill up on my behalf, stoked about that, cheers Edwardo von Tekamen.

I’ve been eyeing up R30 Coupes for years, there’s usually at least one on at any given time.  Currently there’s a nice KHR30 for sale in Palmerston North, unfortunately it’s a bit of a distance and I have no money to purchase at this point in time.  There’s also a couple of genuine DR30′s but they’re not really my thing, I’d prefer the L-series to the FJ-series, basically comes down to 6 vs. 4 cylinders for me.  There is a couple of coupes locally that I can enquire about again when I have some money to spend.

The important part is that when I do get one, I won’t have to put up with the ugly honeycomb or two slat type grill.  Yuck.