During the blog downtime last week, I received a message in my inbox from a couple in Malaysia who had contacted me to show me their C110 Project, they had been given my email address by Ewan (hayatonka.com) whose contact details they had received by reading this entry “Want to buy from YAJ? Here’s How” many months ago, doing such they managed to attain a few parts through Ewan from Yahoo! Auctions Japan which they then have shipped to Singapore (where they work) before embarking on a coach ride back, with the items, to where they live in Ipoh (that’s a 6 hour journey).  A 6 month process to date sees the short wheel base, 4cylinder car, looking fantastic;

Clean and Beautiful in White.

Distinctive 4cylinder Tail-lamps

Kim & Marc who own the car tell me that there’s still a few more interior bits to complete the restoration.  Finding those can be the hardest so best of luck to them in their project.  I think once that’s done a set of GL Hubcaps and she’ll be perfect.

You can see more pictures of their car on their flickr account here;


If you can help them out in any way with the restoration, contact me via comment and I’ll pass on your information to them.



  • Eliot says:

    Holy long sentence batman. Reminds me of that fellow from some bizarre country who restored that B110 to perfection

  • Sharm says:

    Not many of these around. Thumbs up to the owner. There’s a C110 Coupe being restored, bought from the same state as above C110 sedan.

  • Flauski says:

    Do you know if thats the factory white? looks amazing!

  • Kim & Marc says:

    Hi everyone, thanks very much for the comments & most of all BIG thanks to Michael for the lovely write-up.
    Reply to Flauski : the white paint is Honda Type-R Champion White (cream white). best regards!

  • Glomerus says:

    Wonderful, missing engine compartment photo!

  • Props to Kim & Marc for all their effort… that thing looks clean!
    If you guys ever drive down to Singapore, please let me know!

  • Kim & Marc says:

    hey thanx Chris and Glomerus,

    We’d try to update with engine photos next,
    pity we are not sure if the car can make it to Singapore yet.
    Although the previous owner claims he’s driven it to Hatyai Thailand very often :0
    haha, if you’re ever going to visit Ipoh pls let us know!
    Cheers!to Michael for hosting this wonderful blog!

  • Daniel Gomez says:

    Your car looks great. The car Sharm was referring to is mine. I am attempting to restore a 2 door coupe version of the C110. I bought it in Ipoh also. A friend of mine actually spotted your car there during Chinese New Year a few months back.

    The car I got is very rough but I am putting it back together slowly. Hope we can keep in touch. I am on facebook and also Flickr.

  • Kay Parts says:

    mARC, please let me know if u cannot get into sgpore.. im interested to buy… :)

    mail to : malaysiaparts@yahoo.com

  • Hi Daniel Gomez,

    wow we migrated to facebook lately : http://www.long-longtime.blogspot.sg/ .
    And was caught up with work & forgot to check back for comments : p
    Thanks for the compliments! so you have the 2 door, oh..my!! Marc will be so jealous!! we should meet in Ipoh next time! Please contact us : kim_tok@yahoo.com

    Hi Kay Parts,

    sorry the car is not for sale, we’d keep it in Ipoh : )

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