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So, seeing as the site seems to be working again (whether it did it on it’s own or Ed fixed it, I’m not sure) I might as well post about this little sucker that I bought off the other day.

The seller had originally bought it himself under the impression it was a Cortina GT badge, luckily for me, it was nothing to do with the blue oval.

The 1st Red GT Shield that adorned the S54B Skyline GT

Choice, little bits of Skyline history are always good.  it’s likely I’ll never be able to get my hands on a whole S54 so I’ll make do with the badge.

You can read a little more about when this GT badge came about on the Skyline History entries I wrote, in particular.  This one:  Skyline History, Part 5.


We might be back?

May 14, 2010

Testicles testicles, one two?