A recent post on the JNC forums reminded me of this article I had in a magazine.  I spent a while trying to find the magazine amongst the pile of them that I have, eventually coming to the conclusion that I left it with ANOTHER pile at my brother’s place.  In the end, I found it and here it is for you to read.  Interesting (I think) that it was mentioned in an Australian sports car magazine but then not really ever again, despite it’s success in Japan and the popularity of the previous GT-B in Australia.

So there you have it.  Not a bad little review, hardly raving but I would imagine had there been a subsequent one after the plethora of victories on the track that the level of praise would likely be much higher.

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  • banpei says:

    “It is strictly a he-man type car”. If they would only have written that part 15 to 20 years later it would have a very different meaning! :D :D
    It is also a very nice article to read. Reminds me a bit of the Dutch article I read about the 2400GT (HGLC10) export model which had similar conclusions. However rereading that article now gave me the impression that eventhough the outside of the C10 may be the same the GTR and 2400GT are uncomparable…

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