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Fix It Again Tom

November 15, 2009

International jetsetter Tomstament has returned to our shores after a bunch of months holed up at some coal mine power station somewhere in the north of England (though before that, he was gallivanting round Croatia, Italy and the likes – lucky bugger). Anyway, I see his time spent in southern Europe has not diminished his unholy love for the Fiat, since it was during a layover in Singapore on his way back to NZ that he sent me a message on MSN asking if I’d like to go see some “rusty Fiat wagon” (his words, not mine!) on the Saturday after his return.

never actually having seen a Fiat wagon of any sort prior to 1980 before, I did oblige… and yeah, ’twas rustastic. But awesome.

'66 Fiat 2300 wagon (by decypher the code)

1966 Fiat 2300 Wagoneer