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The MAX, it runs!

November 24, 2009

After efforts on Saturday to get it running, my little L38 Daihatsu 360/MAX  wasn’t playing ball.  Something just wasn’t right, I figured I would likely have to remove and rebuild the carb as it appeared to be a fueling issue though I wasn’t sure where exactly.  In an effort to figure out whether the fuel pump was working or not, I moronically broke the fixed line between the pump and the carburettor, not good.  Not quite being able to put my finger on it and the wind and sunshine not working well together, I decided to call it quits for the day.

On Sunday, things went altogether differently.  A little bit of fuel hose stolen from my C110′s fuel rail was clamped in place onto each broken end of the fixed line.  The pump did appear to be working but not at a very impressive level.  Diagnosis continued.  I hoped of course that the fuel pump didn’t have to be replaced, it would be yet another part that would be difficult to find and then buy, many tries of filling the fuel bowl on the carb up only worked until the bowl was empty and then it would putter to a stop.  My brother hung his head under the car to find that there was a small puddle left under the fuel tank.  Curses.  A leak.  I investigated further to find that they were only pinhole types holes and certainly wouldn’t be enough to stop fuel delivery.  Whilst cramming my hands into the small space between the engine and the firewall where the fuel pump resides, I noticed a glint from a drip.  The drip was forming on the lower hose clamp of the fuel filter.  After pulling the filter off, all was revealed.  There was a rust hole in the bottom of said filter and this was not only letting fuel out but drawing air through making fuel delivery to the carburettor sparse at best.  My brother shot off to SuperChump to attain a plastic inline filter to replace it and once that was on, we were in business!  the car fired up and ran on it’s own after we’d adjusted the idle.  Brilliant.  She’s a runner for the first time in 6 years.

Now there’s just the rest of the problems to sort.  Holes in steel remedied, Fix whatever it is in the carb that’s sticking or blocked, get the brakes working, take it for a WoF and then get some registration and BANG.  Should be good!  Though I guarantee there’ll be other issues, they shall all be tackled as they make themselves known.