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If I were a rich man

November 22, 2009

…I would buy these NOS roof visors (aka monsoons) for the KDR. 30,000 yams (NZ$466) is what they’re going for, which is a bit on the ridiculous side if I’m honest.


But I’m not feeling particularly rich this month having spent quite a bit on the TX3, so I’ll have to pass. Maybe I’ll get lucky and score some 2nd hand ones for a fraction of the cost if they happen to turn up on YAJ.

also spotted this trawl: one genuine brand-new DR30 tail light lens. I didn’t even know you could replace them independently of the tail light housing, but I guess it’s possible with some patience (or if you know a panelbeater willing to undertake the job for you). Start price is 10,000 yen (NZ$156)

I like new old things. Don't you?