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Covered in Goo!

November 4, 2009

Almsot every day I find myself on for one reason or an other.  Sometimes linked by Ed (Orion) other times by any number of people who like to share in the spoils of the interwebs explorations.  Tonight I found myself navigating the seas of Fairlady’s and Skyline’s to find those housing the precious S20 spoils.  These were those I found and thought I would in turn share with you lovely people;

First up is what I imagine (though cannot confirm it to be due to lack of details and photographs) is a genuine Fairlady Z432

With a price tag of 9.5mil Japanese Yen, you would hope it was S20 powered. (That’s roughly 145,000NZD at current exchange rates).  Obviously the 432 is not the only Z with the S20, the 432R is almost motivated in similar fashion though there are none for sale currently on Goo for me to share but in speaking with Rob from RIVERSIDE I would imagine their prices are likely closer to that of the 110GT-R below… (more…)

Racing Team Works, POTENZA Z

November 3, 2009

I don’t need to add anything further.

practicality 101

November 2, 2009

MR2? Impractical? NEVER!

practicality 101 (by decypher the code)

they said it wouldn't fit, I had to prove 'em wrong

I hope it doesn’t rain.

Alright, step right up and Register for the National Oldschool Car Event that will leave your socks and feet scarred with explosives detritus from being blown the hell off!  This magical amazing weekend of glory shall be rival to none other in terms of automotive rarity and exclusion or neglect being cast off to allow all who attend to share in the fabulousness of variation that is the collective of member’s cars.  Events in the past have seen the small in stature Suzuki Fronte share track time with a repowered Vauxhall Chevette Wagon amongst many others!

Still you wonder…  are such things for you?  Are you on the fence in regards to attending the weekend?  Perhaps the following images will change your mind;

Ooohhh, variation.  Can you taste it?  For more information (including the dates and plans for the day) and required form to fill visit this thread on the forums.

Bang.  Do it.