Swap meet 09

August 7, 2009

I figured that I would expand on kytelers post and post up some of my favourite cars from the Palmerston North swapmeet 09

I was a huge fan of the rat Herbie, would be so awesome if it could be made road legal

Huge V12 Lincoln that had a carb smaller than most 70s cars

I really liked the wide stance this car had

Might be the upper hutt in me coming out but I LOVE matte black

This had such a sweet amount of slam

My mighty steed for the weekend, cheers KK

I shouldn't like this but for some reason I really do

understatement of the century?

Definately "needs work"

And the next car was my absolute favourite of the show, I dont know why exactly but it just seemed to touch me in all my happy places

Matte spearmint

Sparkly roof

Unbelievably smooth and clean, just perfect if you ask me

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