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Some of you will have seen it mentioned if you read these entries a bit, that Ewan of, (the New Zealander living in Japan who will help you get almost anything you want from there) has a MkII Celica Supra.  I mentioned it somewhere in a previous post.  A while ago, Ewan sent me a bunch of photos of it (I promptly forgot until now, such is my memory)  at which point I realised that I had actually seen the car before, many moons ago on a Toyota site or some such, it’s quite the recognisable car.  I’m sure you will agree.  Firstly, this lump sits nestled under the modified bonnet;

Super-charged Toyota DOHC Alloy V8

Super-charged 1UZ Toyota V8

As you can see from the height that the supercharger sits, it required a somewhat abnormal addition for a sleek Japanese 80′s vehicle, though an entirely common one for something from American shores…  (more…)

Seeing the contributions from Zebulonicus on beeoneoneoh recently (Zeb is a Huge Nerd, Pt I. & Zeb is a Huge Nerd, Pt. II) reminded me of the folder full of GT4 pictures on my old USB stick, unfortunately, I couldn’t find that stick so I set about in the weekend trying to take some more pictures from GT4, I realised at the time that my last save game on GT4 is only 50% complete, I can’t be bothered finishing it though, I have all the cars I require for hilariousness amongst them is the entire collection of classic Skylines in just about every colour option available for each car.  Yes.  I am that pathetic.  Anyway, here’s what I got up to before being told that I’d played around on it long enough and there was a movie that needed watching.  So the R30 and R31 will have to come at a later date.  Some might argue the R32 is getting long enough in the teeth too, perhaps not though.  Anyway… on with the show!

Prince Skyline Sport R21A

Prince Skyline Sport R21A

If you’ve not seen this Skyline Sport before and you’re interested in the history of the Skyline, I have an incomplete history already posted on here which for the moment covers the first 20 years from 1957 – 1977.  I’ve provided the links to these entries at the bottom of this post.  Alternatively you can use the “Search” function on the left, just type in “Skyline History”. (more…)

Cars in Sleeping Dogs

June 8, 2009

Yes, usually dogs sleep in cars. Though in the weekend I watched a fairly decent old NZ movie called “Sleeping Dogs” the movie itself is based in the 70′s and so the cars involved are a magical selection (obviously common fare for the time but looking back on it is quite impressive). I decided I would try and screen capture a few of them for your perusal. The first car you see in the movie is a powder blue Holden HQ Ute, followed very closely by a KE26 Toyota Corolla Van/Wagon. Sweet deals;

Holden HQ Ute

Holden HQ Ute

HQ Ute and Corolla Wagon

HQ Ute and Corolla Wagon

Oh, to save you the bother,  I already used to check all the viewable plates and none had any history on them at all so the cars are either locked up in sheds somewhere with dead registration or the much more likely scenario that they’re all well and truly gone, likely as husted hulking heaps returning ore to the earth. (more…)

More of Don’s C110

June 5, 2009

You may recall this car from this post;
C110 in Use

This new video was recently brought to my attention via ‘Truenotch’ on if you look at the rest of the videos that the same user has uploaded there’s some other pretty sweet rides in there too. You can see them by checking out the “MotorSportCentralNZ YouTube Channel


Sound of Skyline

June 4, 2009

Those of you who recall one of my previous shipments from Yahoo! Auctions Japan via Ewan of will remember there was (as the picture above shows) a vinyl LP that came with the “Spirit of Skyline” book, well the other day I finally got around to ripping the audio from the record onto the computer.  It isn’t the best quality being that the record player I used was old with a scabby needle and had not seen use in a fair while, but it still worked and you still get the jist of the 3 parts to side 1 of the record.  One that was done I had to find a player to play them on WP without it opening up in another window.  I’ve sorted that though and if you click further, you’ll hear the wonders of the Skyline and Prince, narrated in English!  Have a listen.  It’s pretty damned cool if you ask me. (more…)