Cars in Sleeping Dogs

June 8, 2009

Yes, usually dogs sleep in cars. Though in the weekend I watched a fairly decent old NZ movie called “Sleeping Dogs” the movie itself is based in the 70′s and so the cars involved are a magical selection (obviously common fare for the time but looking back on it is quite impressive). I decided I would try and screen capture a few of them for your perusal. The first car you see in the movie is a powder blue Holden HQ Ute, followed very closely by a KE26 Toyota Corolla Van/Wagon. Sweet deals;

Holden HQ Ute

Holden HQ Ute

HQ Ute and Corolla Wagon

HQ Ute and Corolla Wagon

Oh, to save you the bother,  I already used to check all the viewable plates and none had any history on them at all so the cars are either locked up in sheds somewhere with dead registration or the much more likely scenario that they’re all well and truly gone, likely as husted hulking heaps returning ore to the earth.

Close-up on the sweet Corolla.

Close-up on the sweet Corolla.

more Corolla

more Corolla

The main character (Smithy) uses the Corolla to shove the other chaps HQ out of the way, it’s most amusing, then when you get to see the front you’re not so surprised that he’s done that at all.

Primer and no bumper

Primer and no bumper or grille.

Later on in the movie, Smithy goes to see a chap about renting an Island to live on and when the guy offers to swap him a boat for his Corolla he exclaims that the Corolla cost him $3000.  Probably a similar price to what you might pay now for one, if you’re lucky.  They’re of course not new anymore, but an interesting comparison none the less.

After some time on the island, the Special Police come and bundle Smithy into an old Toyota Hiace and take him from the Coromandel to Auckland.

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace

During the journey you get to take a squizz out the windscreen when they pull up into the Police station.

Fiat Bambina

Fiat Bambina & perhaps a Toyota Crown or Carina

Into the station itself and one of the Special Police vehicles (amongst numerous Toyota Landcruiser’s) is a Toyota Crown (MS85)

Toyota Crown, Landcruisers & Ford Falcon

Toyota Landcruiser(s), Toyota Crown & Ford Falcon (just)

After some time kept in a police cell, Smithy gets moved elsewhere, again in the Toyota Hiace and this time through central Auckland and we get to see a decent amount of cars, not too easy to capture them all but I got a few of them and we also get a good front three quarter of the Hiace;

Toyota Hiace

Toyota Hiace (Ford Falcon behind)

As Smithy escapes and runs through the crowds and traffic, there’s a decent selection of vehicles to oggle.

Cortina MkII, Peugeot 405,

Cortina MkII, Peugeot 405, Hillman Minx, Mazda 808 Wagon

Smithy jumps into the back of an old Dodge ambulance to escape (which is obviously driving slow enough for him to catch it) allowing for a few snaps of the cars lining the street at that time.

Mini, Dodge Ambulance, Vauxhall HB Viva

KE36 Corolla, Mini, Dodge Ambulance, Vauxhall HB Viva

808 Wagon & Toyota KE30 Corolla

(on right) 808 Wagon & Toyota KE30 Corolla


(on right) KE36 Corolla Wagon & Mini

Lots of other random things happen which takes a while and the next vehicle of interest is this old Ford truck.

old Ford sheep-truck

old Ford sheep-truck

Further to the escape, our two main characters make use of a MkIV Ford Zephyr and proceed to do a series of skids in it, in their haste to get away from the Special Police.

Skidding up 12s, you could too.

Skidding up 12's, you could too.

Oh crap! Wrong Turn!

Oh crap! Wrong Turn!

Go Zephyr Go!  That Austin/Morris Landcrab is looking at you funny!

Go Zephyr Go! That Austin/Morris Landcrab is looking at you funny!

I know how you can get past,  the footpath!

I know how you can get past, the footpath!

I can just see Ford Zephyr enthusiasts wincing at all these scenes with the Zephyr in it, it really gets a hilarious hiding.  At one point you get to witness them slamming the column shift down into what I can only assume is 3!  Phwoar!

Escape continues

Escape continues

Through the grass, apparently the road isnt that good to drive on

Through the grass, apparently the road isn't that good to drive on

Do a skid back onto the road!  Give it heaps!

Do a skid back onto the road! Give it heaps!

Of course, these are the things you have to do when you’re being chased by;

A brace of Toyota Landcruisers

A brace of Toyota Landcruisers!!! DUN DUN DUN!

…that’s about where the automotive excitement ends.  There’s a few good shots I’ve missed, no doubt but I think I’ve covered enough to at least peak your interest to watch the film.  Which in itself is not that special but I liked it, even if only for the vehicles of the time.  The film itself is called “Sleeping Dogs” should be available at any good video rental store.  I hired it from Video Ezy, Invercargill.



  • Rhys says:

    Movie is available from most warehouse too, as that is where I got my copy from :)
    Rotorua is mentioned and one of the head American Army guys is also from another well known car movie. Anyone remember which one?

  • Rhys says:

    It was Two Lane Blacktop, incase anyone was wanting to know :P

  • kyteler says:

    You didn’t give everyone enough time to answer! Sheesh! Some game that was!

  • Rhys says:

    Im an impatient fool, deal with it :P

  • Josh says:

    Awesome entry. Love that shit.
    On an side note, watched Goodbye Pork Pie in the weekend. Had a laugh, few paused scenes and car perving.

  • Josh says:

    I bought this movie last week, watched it yesterday. Wasnt baaaaad.
    Loved the HUGE clutch ride in the 26 when he tried to do a skid takeoff.

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