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during the 1980s turbocharging craze, it seemed that every Japanese manufacturer ended up developing at least one forced-induction engine. A few of these were of the “gun” variety – boasting healthy power and big torque figures – and were ultimately slotted into highly-sought-after flagship models and top-shelf sportscars.

However for every legendary FJ20ET, G63B, 7M-GTE and 13B-Turbo pushed out to market, there existed an equal or greater number of lesser-known, lesser adored, more mundane cooking-spec engines which also happened to benefit from TEH POWAR OF BOOST. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given the end result, the fruits of such labour were harnessed to power various Japanese iterations of the ’80s “hot hatch”, a market unto its own at the time.

one such example is Toyota’s 3E-TE engine.


Fresh off the presses! (Internet presses)

Dates and location have just been announced for one of the best shows you could ever attend.  If you’re into retro cars and if you can only attend one event in the entirety of 2009 I would seriously suggest you go to this one;

Retro-Rides Gathering 2009

I made noises last year, as did a friend of mine, about attending this coming meeting though unfortunately due to a myriad of reasons it’s not looking likely for me… however with things going as they are with RR (only up!), I’m hoping I’ll be able to make the 2010 event instead.  There is still a slight chance of making ’09 for me but I’m not going to hold my breath.

For those of you who have the means and capabilties to attend this year, I say to you…