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Dates and location have just been announced for one of the best shows you could ever attend.  If you’re into retro cars and if you can only attend one event in the entirety of 2009 I would seriously suggest you go to this one;

Retro-Rides Gathering 2009

I made noises last year, as did a friend of mine, about attending this coming meeting though unfortunately due to a myriad of reasons it’s not looking likely for me… however with things going as they are with RR (only up!), I’m hoping I’ll be able to make the 2010 event instead.  There is still a slight chance of making ’09 for me but I’m not going to hold my breath.

For those of you who have the means and capabilties to attend this year, I say to you…

Do it!

If you’re not aware of this event, here is a brief selection of photos from last years event.  Leon/zep (creator of attended this year as part of his overseas excursions and by all accounts had a fantastic time.

These few photos are only the tiniest selection, if you’re interested and want to see more, the rest of Leon’s photos are able to be viewed on flickr  here;

Retro-Rides Gathering 2008; Photo-set

Of course more can be seen on the RR forums themselves from previous years events.



Stay tuned to the link I provided at the start of the post for more information about the event as it’s released.

Be there, go there, do it.


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