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Age’d Beetle

January 27, 2009

Browsing though NZ’s most popular local auction site,, you often stumble across the odd gem amongst the sea of modern cars, a few months ago this Volkswagen Beetle was stumbled upon, it disappeared for a while but popped up again recently,  if you look at everything but the rear end, you wouldn’t pick it apart from any other Beetle.  It’s not until you see the rear and how the engine cover is sitting that you realise this isn’t your run of the mill Beetle nor your run of the mill conversion.

Toyota powered VW

Toyota powered VW

As you can see, this dub is 4AGE powered.  One of Toyota’s most famous engines, this particular one turbocharged and slapped into the ass end of the unsuspecting German people’s car.


Transformer 510

January 26, 2009

In an electric blue and with some serious work done, this Datsun 1600 (chassis code: 510) is most definitely “more than meets the eye.”

Kane Walmsleys Datsun 1600

Kane Walmsley's 1972 Datsun 1600

Whilst browsing through the Datsun Owner’s Club of New Zealand website recently I was greeted by this fantastic sight.  Although I must admit, initially I did think.. “Whip-de-Doo, another SR-powered 510″, it wasn’t until I read a bit more and had a proper squiz at it that I realised this wasn’t your average SR conversion…


Wheels on the Waterfront

January 23, 2009

Another event just passed, held in Wellington over the same weekend as the Kumeu Hotrod & Classic Show, is as the title of this post would suggest; ‘Wheels on the Waterfront’ (put on by the Capital City Rodders) the turnout of cars is not on a scale the likes Kumeu can offer but it certainly provides a nice view for those who can’t make Kumeu that weekend.

The turnout for it provided a nice selection for the car enthusiast and it’s location makes for some splendid photographs as you can see in the gallery…


To bring you, epic wallpapers!  As well as some photographic coverage of Wellington based events.

In collaboration with ElPieso (, retro-classics offer you the first of what shall be many different Wallpapers over the coming months/years/however long.

The image is in 1600×1200, to download it;


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In this instance, elpieso sent me the original image and I messed around with it a bit on Adobe Photoshop to give it that slightly aged look.  I like it, I hope you do too, and no, you can’t have the original.  Not this time.


Kumeu Hotrod Show

January 23, 2009

Ah yes, that time of year has rolled around again, whilst still in the throws of summer it is car show time and these first few months of the year are especially busy, the first important one is of course the Kumeu show.

Though this year it’s weekend conflicted with a newly organised Japanese Classic Car Meet in Auckland which is only in it’s second year.  (We will have coverage of this posted sometime later in the week)

With much thanks to be given, spread, endured or otherwise to Mr. Lee Boe of the forums, we here at retro-classics have for you a selection of photos of the fine machinery that was on offer at the show.  It is most definitely an event I plan on attending at some point, however, this time it was not to be and so I requested the assistance of Mr. Lee in order to have something to show you peeps who read retro-classics, what you also may have been unfortunate enough to miss out on.

The Kumeu Hotrod & Classic Show is an annual event and it runs over the course of a few days and unless you were entirely sad (like me) then it would be hard to get pictures of the whole range of cars that attend, Lee has however done a fantastic job of showcasing the variety.

So without further delay (other than having to click the “More” link) here’s a sample of the 15th National Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Show;