Kumeu Hotrod Show

January 23, 2009

Ah yes, that time of year has rolled around again, whilst still in the throws of summer it is car show time and these first few months of the year are especially busy, the first important one is of course the Kumeu show.

Though this year it’s weekend conflicted with a newly organised Japanese Classic Car Meet in Auckland which is only in it’s second year.  (We will have coverage of this posted sometime later in the week)

With much thanks to be given, spread, endured or otherwise to Mr. Lee Boe of the oldschool.co.nz forums, we here at retro-classics have for you a selection of photos of the fine machinery that was on offer at the show.  It is most definitely an event I plan on attending at some point, however, this time it was not to be and so I requested the assistance of Mr. Lee in order to have something to show you peeps who read retro-classics, what you also may have been unfortunate enough to miss out on.

The Kumeu Hotrod & Classic Show is an annual event and it runs over the course of a few days and unless you were entirely sad (like me) then it would be hard to get pictures of the whole range of cars that attend, Lee has however done a fantastic job of showcasing the variety.

So without further delay (other than having to click the “More” link) here’s a sample of the 15th National Kumeu Classic Car & Hot Rod Show;

Oh wait, you’ve got to the end!  You didn’t think that was it did you?  Of course not.  The rest of the set is viewable here;

retro-classics Kumeu flickr

If you also have pictures to share of cars that aren’t included or angles of some that are then by all means feel free to share them.  If you need somewhere to host them, let me know and I’ll biff them up to the same directory, keep in mind though, they’ll receive a retro-classics watermark.

Also, for those interested in attending the Kumeu show next year, I have it on authority from Lee that although Japanese cars are not in the majority at the event they are welcome, sure you might get some stick from the American mainstay, but not as much as you might think.  So if you have something classic and Japanese, British, American, European, or otherwise!  Be sure to give it a shot.  If you enjoy cars, you’re almost certain to enjoy yourself.



  • josh says:

    Citroen 15 Grille in that last picture lols me.

  • Josh says:

    And the link has died. I think the folder was only open to view for a set date.

  • kyteler says:

    Strange, the link works for me man. Let me know if you still have problems.

  • zedhead says:

    fuckn jap haters were giving me some stick,I took my Zed,had a laugh at the ford lads getting angry with me :)
    SO there was a new Japanese car show on the same weekend….would have rather been there!!
    Oh…good site KY!!!!!

  • kyteler says:

    Oh really? Of all cars Japanese car I would have thought the Z would be the most appreciated. I guess the G-nose is an aquired taste though. Besides, we know it’s an awesome car. Did you take any photos there yourself man?

  • Sandip Saini says:

    Wow… i really don’t know what to say… it’s a masterpiece! Thanks for the collection!

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