Random Retro Snap

WAAAAAAY back in 2006 (okay, so it’s not that long ago) was the last Festival of Speed meeting that I attended, I didn’t take my C110 as it had recently been involved in a crash that left it off the road for several months (mostly due to the massive delay of the Insurance side of things) so I ended up attending in my brother’s 240Z just as a regular passenger and bystander type of person.

Line-up to enter the display

Line-up to enter the display

For reasons unknown, I have no photographs of the voyage up though I did take a few of the display, yet none of the antics.  So I present to you the following photos, taken on the old Agfa camera, they’re not fantastic in quality but they are better than nothing.  We were so pleased with the size of our display, as were the organisers of the event who couldn’t believe we’d got together than many cars just to come to their meeting.

Though the display is not as diverse as it could have been if many more member’s could make the day and there are a million 510′s, it’s still an impressive collection of roadworthy cars.

Display mostly setup

Display mostly setup

Some sort of Australian car display was opposite.  Insignificant by comparison.

Some sort of Australian car display was opposite. Insignificant by comparison.


I just want to start a flame in your heart…



courtesy of RUBBER-SOUL, for all things GC10 and GC110 GT-R – click the photo to view their repository of other replica vintage stickers.

Fairlady 240ZG

July 16, 2009


More on this and the rest of the Datsun/Nissan’s that attended the 2006 Southern Festival of Speed, in the coming day(s).

Twelve vs. EightySix

June 26, 2009

I’ve always wanted to see a nice side by side of these two cars in a similar paint scheme, just to see what’s looks better.  Personally I think the Twelve takes it on everything but the side profile.  Judge for yourself;


Only an OCD bastard would make a post about badges, right? Damn right.

Here’s what arrived for me today hot off the plane from Japan.

moar swag! (by retro-classics)


with the recession looming I’ve decided to put my grandiose plans of building a 300PS FJ20ET on hold, and so I’m freshening up the DR30 coupe instead since I’m no longer selling it. Wanting to save up for an overseas trip next year may also have influenced this new direction somewhat. Fortunately, the coupe doesn’t really require a heap of work to get it looking mint again; the list I’ve mentally compiled for myself only has five entries on it.

And with the arrival of the following items I can cross the first one off: