WAAAAAAY back in 2006 (okay, so it’s not that long ago) was the last Festival of Speed meeting that I attended, I didn’t take my C110 as it had recently been involved in a crash that left it off the road for several months (mostly due to the massive delay of the Insurance side of things) so I ended up attending in my brother’s 240Z just as a regular passenger and bystander type of person.

Line-up to enter the display

Line-up to enter the display

For reasons unknown, I have no photographs of the voyage up though I did take a few of the display, yet none of the antics.  So I present to you the following photos, taken on the old Agfa camera, they’re not fantastic in quality but they are better than nothing.  We were so pleased with the size of our display, as were the organisers of the event who couldn’t believe we’d got together than many cars just to come to their meeting.

Though the display is not as diverse as it could have been if many more member’s could make the day and there are a million 510′s, it’s still an impressive collection of roadworthy cars.

Display mostly setup

Display mostly setup

Some sort of Australian car display was opposite.  Insignificant by comparison.

Some sort of Australian car display was opposite. Insignificant by comparison.

Glens old VB110 that now belongs to my brother.

Glen's old VB110 that now belongs to my brother. (beside my brother's 240Z)

Haydens old 1600 (510)

Hayden's old 1600 (510)

B310 Sunny Sedan

Face-lift B310 Sunny Sedan

Zebs 230-series 260C

Zeb's 230-series 260C

Zeb is now obsessed with grandpa style Toyotas, you may know him from such blogs as gx61.wordpress.com.  He’s a worry, instead of spending a bob or two getting his 260C back to an awesome level, he’s spending wads of cash on standard spec Toyota Cressida’s and then putting wheels on them.  Ah well, each to their own, aye Zeb :P

Pauls old 160J SSS

Paul's old 160J SSS

Sams 180B SSS

Sam's 180B SSS

Gerards 240Z

Gerard's 240Z beside Nelson's restored 240Z

Dans CA18DET powered 1600

Dan's old CA18DET powered 1600

There’s a few more to see, I just thought I’d throw up pretty much one of each model type of the cars on display, though as a last special hoorah, here’s some more of the Fairlady 240ZG I mentioned earlier.

Nelsons ZG

Nelson's ZG

Nelsons ZG

Nelson's ZG

You can check out the entire gallery on the retro-classics flickr account, here; http://www.flickr.com/photos/retro-classics/sets/72157621629242297/




  • Josh says:

    ZG love.
    Also, Geralds wagon looks immaculate in those pictures eh! mean.
    I want Sams 180B (FJ?)
    Zep is a girl. Sell the Yodas lad.

  • Zeb says:

    Datsun is pretty Grandpa, Id have to spend more on it to get it how I want than how much Ive spent on both the Mark IIs. I will sell them down the track, I will NOT sell the C. And why does everyone think my name is ZEP?!


    ps. still cream every time i see Nelson’s Z-G

  • Josh says:

    Sorry Ted! I listen to Led Zep.. Type it more than Zeb. Also the Owner of oldschool is called Zep. What a mind fuck.
    Sounds good though, garner profit from toyos and inject into uncle Cedric

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