1934 Packard Super Eight

This fine example of a restoration was a participant in the NZ Classic Car Rally that was held recently in Gisborne, those familiar with the RC will have already seen the photos of the event itself (though if you haven’t you can get to them here).

Why is the car a Super 8? Well it’s 8 inline cylinders of 100% Pure, undiluted awesome;

6.1 litre, Straight 8, Gloss & Chrome. All class.

The more observant of you will note the symmetry requires a spare wheel on each side of the vehicle, held in colour coded covers no less with their very own Packard brand padlocks…

It’s easy to see that this car would have been the star of the show, not only due the care and attention given during it’s restoration but perhaps more due to it’s sheer imposing size.  This ’34 Packard is no wilting lily, with dimensions that dwarf most modern vehicles.  As an example, here’s the shot of it lined up with some of the other cars.

The VL is a car width in front of the Packard and is still dwarved.

The ecsquisite simplistic nature of the dash is deceptive, in that by modern standards it’s spartan though for it’s time it is most certainly very well equipped in the way of instrumentation and quality of materials, a time now lost on American cars.

Simply Dashing!

And although by first appearance it may seem to be your (not so) average two-seater roadster, the rear trunk contains another seat for further passengers who gain access to such a place via the step above the rear lamps;

A trunk for those long vacations away.

So, all told a very beautiful car.  For more pictures you can check out the RC flickr Gallery, here; 1934 Packard Super Eight

Thanks again go out to Shiloh of Raizer Images and to the organisers of the NZ Classic Car Rally for provided a meeting point for such spectacular cars, Packard inclusive.


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