1958 Volkswagen Beetle

February 2, 2010

Whilst I was talking to Tim the other day (owner of the Rat Type3) he told me of a recent purchase, that being the title mentioned ’58 Beetle, a week or so later he came into my work again and informed me that he’d brought the car to work and I should go check it out when I finished, so I did exactly that.  This is the sight that greeted me, a pleasant one indeed;

So clean

One of the best things about Tim’s cars and indeed classics in general is that they’re such a contrast against the modern fodder that shares the parking areas and streets.  They demand and deserve attention.  Despite the dramatic differences between the Rat Type3 and the Mint Beetle, they achieve the same task.  The Beetle is just so damn clean it’s ridiculous, as you can see…

Bug Front (pun intended)

Another insanely hot and bright day meant that getting complete photos of it due to it’s situation in the car park, wasn’t so easy.  However, I wandered about and got some interior and details shots as best I could.

Inside, uses the same Maid.

Just as Clean, you see.

And of course, it wouldn’t be a Beetle feature without a series of expected detail shots;

Lamp 'n Vent

Obligatory Badge Shot

Same Again

This next one is probably my favourite shot, I dig the simplicity of the dash, I think this photograph shows it well;


Awesome Rear Lense

Look on through to the Other side!

Hopefully at some stage I’ll try organise getting both cars together for a shoot.  Which should help illustrate the contrast between the two.



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