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So, I sent an email to my friend Ewan (www.hayatonka.com – the link is on the left) about some photos he took at a show he was at recently.  He had rang me whilst he was there and was quite excited about what was available.  He sent me some pictures of said show but also gave me a link to another photo gallery, the viewing of which saw me picking my jaw up off the floor, as such, I had to share it with you all.

新和自動車 & Classic Car Nagoya

Sure, at first glance it’s a bunch of modern vans & a sweet Isuzu Bellett, but look a bit deep behind that Isuzu.  Click the picture if you have to….   if you still can’t tell, then carry on through.


NZ Outlaws Stretch

March 24, 2010

So, the latest little ramblings and whispers over the last few months seemed to indicate that there was legislation en-route that would stab right to the heart of those that love stretching their rubber (oh mai!).   Well, this is the document that’s doing the rounds at the moment and it most certainly puts pay to anyone who thought they could get certification/legalise their slim rubber on wide wheels.   I would imagine that New Zealand may well be the first country to kill a trend that has foundings in everything from European to Japanese, to Lowrider culture.

It will be interesting to see how things pan out.  Though I have a feeling that the ink hitting the paper already means a repeal is unlikely.


Doing a bit of browsing this afternoon I stumbled across this painting place in Osaka, Japan.  They have a blog that shows some of their skills off as well as photographs from shows and the like, I would suggest you check it out.  Even if you can’t read Japanese, clicking the links is pretty simple stuff.

Blog; http://blog.paintartfab.com/

Website; http://paintartfab.com/


Southern “Style”

March 11, 2010

It goes without saying that when you’re modifying your car, it’s all about personal preference though what is around you often influences the end result, it’s this phenomenon that leads to different areas and greater still, different country’s often having their own recognised style. What made me think of this recently was a post on the oldschool.co.nz forums about Simmons Wheels, during said post, the inevitable pictures of Rotary powered vehicles were posted, in particular an Australian RX2.    This one;


This is the exact style I think of whenever the Australian car scene is mentioned.  Large wheels that make any attempt at lowering the car essentially redundant.  Some shiny paint but nothing excessive done to the exterior, perhaps some ghastly airbrushing but for the most part not all bad externally except for the exposed front mount coolers.

Now, if someone was thinking NZ “Style” the horrific image that comes to my mind, is crap like this;


C110 Parts Manual

February 23, 2010

A little while back some of you may recall I posted an entry about a PC110 that a chap in the Ukraine owns, well.. even back then I was supposed to be sorting out getting him scans/photos of the book to aid him in his restoration.  I finally got onto it a week or so back, after having no luck finding him his own Manual, which would have made the whole process easier.  Anyway, so I took over 200 photos of the damn thing and then decided it would be easier to upload them to flickr than it would be to email them.  Now seeing as I did that I might as well share the link with the rest of you, just in case you’re ever curious about part numbers for the 4-cylinder C110 Skyline sedan.

Click the Image to be taken to the Gallery

It also gave me something else to post about whilst I wait for the Teretonga – Classic Speed Fest. photos to upload.  Today has been a looooooong day.

So, there you go Glomerus, I hope that can help you out at least a little.