So, I sent an email to my friend Ewan ( – the link is on the left) about some photos he took at a show he was at recently.  He had rang me whilst he was there and was quite excited about what was available.  He sent me some pictures of said show but also gave me a link to another photo gallery, the viewing of which saw me picking my jaw up off the floor, as such, I had to share it with you all.

新和自動車 & Classic Car Nagoya

Sure, at first glance it’s a bunch of modern vans & a sweet Isuzu Bellett, but look a bit deep behind that Isuzu.  Click the picture if you have to….   if you still can’t tell, then carry on through.

Prince Skyline (BLSI-3) & Nissan Skyline (KGC110(

Never fear though, just because there’s two Skyline’s that doesn’t mean that’s the shops focus, in fact as witnessing the Bellett should tell you, they cater for many and any thing, as you can see;

Corona, Celica, Cedric, Fairlady, Supra

More Fairlady's & a Beetle

How about a Bentley?

Need a Lense? or a Cluster?

Some wheels perhaps?

Some Rods or Pistons, or someone to build your engine?

The engine itself?

Some panels or headers?

I think I’ve found my first destination post arrival in Japan when I finally manage to make it over there.  Deary me it’s amazing.  To check out more of the photo’s, visit the RC flickr, here;

新和自動車 & Classic Car Nagoya

Of course some of the cars are for sale as well, you can check out the shops own website here if you’re that way inclined;

Magic.  Just Magic.



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