I received these photos from Steve (nzmax, fellow 1st Gen. Prince Skyline owner) the other day and thought that I would throw them online to share with you guys.  This is what eventuates when circumstances change and you have to relocate a few classic Prince vehicles.  The image with the most impact is definitely this one of one BLSID-3 towing a Skyway W21B-4 on a trailer;

Utilising 1900cc of 4-cylinder OHV magic, the 4-wheel drums could be sketchy...

That’s not to say this following ones are any less amazing moments in time, of course.  For instance, this shot of an S21S-4 Skyline on a trailer being towed by a 1963 Pontiac Laurentian has it’s own levels of lovely.

Needs a little work, one careful lady owner?

Standard, as opposed to Deluxe

This is a good shot for illustrating the difference in trim between a standard and a deluxe.  The standard has a grille with fine horizontal slats that have P R I N C E across them, the hubcaps are small and cover only the centres of the wheel, without the more decorative edges and the side moulding is one solid arrow with chrome lining the edges as opposed to crossing over in the middle.

This particular car is the only “Standard” that Steve has seen or knows of.  That said, there must have at one stage been many more about as with my car (a Deluxe) I got a collection of parts that were taken from wrecked cars, that included two standard grilles.  You could guess they may have come off wagons but I think added to that, the collection of spare rear lenses I got would go further to indicating they were from Standard sedans.

It really does make me pine for getting my S21 legal again.  BUT ENOUGH OF THAT!  MORE PICTURES!

Loading up.

Classic Japanese steel, right there.

Notice the hubcaps that the Deluxe is wearing?  Those didn’t change between the series and are what the S21 Deluxe also uses, you can see how they’re a little more “fancy” than a standard centre cap.

En-route to Salvation/Destruction.

Thanks to Steve for the photos.  If you want to see and hear what Steve’s own 1st Gen. Prince is like, then check this out;

Love it.

Thanks again Steve.


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