This Sunday been (06/02) saw a myriad of machinery parked and placed for all to ogle.  The following pictures of said event were taken by one K-trips (Mr. Smith) and one Mr. Nate Mitchinson big-ups to these chaps for sharing them with me and in turn you lovely readers of this meager blogsicle.  I’ll start the viewing with my favourite of the selection…

Roadrunner, if he catches you... ..well... ...he won't catch you.

As K-tripleThreat stated after he shared this photo, what makes this car is the utilised look.  It’s badass and it’s used as a car, not a trophy or lah-de-dah symbol of snobbery.    The Globe alloy and tyre combo look staunch as shit and decent on something other than the standard Falcon fare they’re normally found on.  Just outright awesome.  Love it.

S to the lammed. Smooth and Sweet.

This was another that caught my eye as a standout.  Carry-on for more pictures of it and some of the other masses of metal that took part…

A rose amongst the boring.

Cooler than you think.

Stacks of awesome

Housed in a Gasser. We need more of these to attend shows

Psuedo-Stock Car look

You gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick.

Impala goon, too long to fit the frame.

Ford Torino... not the prettiest of cars.

Striping on the go, at the show. Truckloads of it.

..more to come and just a quick example of other machinery;

Chug chug chug

Stay tuned for Part II.  Different Bat Time, Same Bat Channel.

You’ll find it.


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