Further from the previous entry, here’s some more of the wonderful cars and pieces of machinery on display;

From a time when an Estate was the size of an Estate.

This Edsel is awesome, weird lines from the sedan seem to suit the estate down do the ground, which is convenient because that’s pretty close to where this goon is sitting, wearing his slot-mags of bogan.  You could house an entire family in this estate on and still have enough room for the help.

Cars from a simpler, more mobster time.

How cool would it be to hang off the side of this with a Tommy-Gun?  The answer?  STUPENDOUSLY COOL!  There’s a Thunderbird in the background that would make a perfect shooting target.

Hick Trucks ... note really my thing.

'nutha wern, hyuk!

frum der bak, herp der.

Now back to the cooler things, like

this hideously coloured Ford wagon

another mobster car of an older vintage, I wish there were Cords.

mmmmmm, motorcycle

Stay tuned for the third and final part…

…at some stage


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