Here’s a neat little video of Shaun’s new KHR31 Skyline being driven through the streets of Nagoya to the dropoff point at the container yard, where it will be sent on its merry way to NZ. This clip was thrown together by my friend Nik who took Ewan’s original 1GB (45 minute) file, edited it down to 9 mins via Premiere and then chucked it onto Youtube for better accessibility.

A couple of surprises: Nagoya isn’t as heavily built up or crowded as you’d think, the pavements are strangely devoid of pedestrians (lots of bicycles though) and 100 octane petrol isn’t actually that expensive. Ewan’s running commentary is a nice touch for any aspiring tourists, myself included.

The wonders of modern tech… would you believe this was filmed entirely on an iPhone?

The original full-length Shockwave file is here.

Not long to go before the container leaves (you catch a glimpse of it right at the end of the vid). A word of thanks to Scott from Ellery Freight for liaising with Ewan and getting all this sorted for a very sharp price. If this mission goes well it’s a distinct possibility that more containers will arrive after this one at more frequent intervals.

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