The Skyline contingent, they’re a popular car globally (now) though this is really only a recent thing when you compare it to the length of time that the Skyline range has been about (over 50 years, by the way.)  In Japan however, the Skyline has been popular for as long as it’s been produced though a lot of that is to do with it’s foray into racing and subsequent successes with the S54 and C10 series of cars.   This entry is dedicated to the Skyline range on show at the Nagoya event.

Army Green C110 Yonmeri

With C10 Racing Lamp Covers & Rear Spoiler, C130 indicators and C110 GT-R flares this Yonmeri has a clearly recognisable presence.  I recognised it from another picture I have kicking about somewhere of it on a sodden race track, battling a yellow Celica.  I’ll try dig that up.

C210 and C10

The appearance of the C10 going part way to replicating that of the first Nissan Skyline GT-R race car with the C210 to it’s right (your left) doing it’s best to join in on the race look with front lip, over-fenders and wide SSR MkII’s to fill them.  The C210 being another (beside the C110) that missed out on dedicated track time.

GT-R look KGC10

L-series, Triple Carbs. These are the things that make Magic.

Complete C10 Works look minus the Livery

A nice, clean C10 Hardtop

Hakosuka Sedan nicely sat on staggered RS-Watanabe Alloys

Another Hakosuka Hardtop, on Hayashi Street Fins

Works Replica C10

Curious flares used on the Works replica. they look altogether far too smooth for the rest of the car.  Regardless the car has a nice overall look.  Now onto the C110′s however…

GT-R look Kenmeri in a really nice blue

...and from the front

Should my car come out even half as nice as this one, I will be a very happy man.

C110 Proto-type inspired Yonmeri on SSR XR-4's

Yonmeri & Kenmeri lined up

Kenmeri (C110 Hardtop) on SSR MkIIIs

Solid Colour RS-Watanabe's - The best choice

Unmolested C110 Hardtops, they still exist.

Times Two

The reason I make note of the these cars and their unmolested arches is due to often being confronted during my ownership about whether I should or shouldn’t have cut my own.  People often made mindless claims that “they all get cut up” and it was better to leave them solid, just because no-one does.  Quite obviously this is untrue.  It’s not surprising really, especially in that the same people who make those claims are usually those that try and tell you Japan scraps all their old cars.  Myths are fun, right?

As a side note.  How sweet is that slammed VB310 beside the second Kenmeri?  Very sweet, is the answer.

Yonmeri Racer

I would imagine the owner of the red ‘un is friends with the owner of the green ‘un.

Wide SSR MkI's, Camber, Clear lenses. This is a C210 for Zeb if ever I saw it.

Very tidy C211 Skyline Japan Sedan

You can see in the C211, the R30 beginning to emerge and so without further delay;


Hasemi TOMICA Street Version? Not convinced.

and of course to round it up, the car Ewan attended with. Shaun’s new KHR31 you’ve read so much about;

from the back, beside Tekamen w/ 31GTS-R boot spoiler

Face on.

That’ll do us for this entry.  More to come from the show in the coming days.

Thanks again go out to Ewan ( for the coverage and remember, if you want to buy something from Japan, contact him and remember to mention, he’ll set you right.


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  • Seo says:

    Very nice pictures of the cars , kept me staring at the screen in a kind of a haze, till i saw the comment box.. Love the blue GTR..Keep posting more..cheers

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