That’s right, not more than one week after I sold the ’81 DR30 RS sedan on behalf of the elderly people down the line, two more examples have appeared on trademe. Maybe its presence caused a small snowball effect, who knows really.

anyway, first up is a white ’83 N/A pre-facelift (even though carjam lists it as an ’84). It’s no showroom example, has done over 200,000km and needs some rust repair work in the usual place for a WOF (front chassis rail behind the guard) but with the reserve met at $400 who’d have any reason to complain? It even has the good old 3-slat grille still.

Triple Slat Slam

A couple of things don’t sit quite right about this car, most notably the facelift HR30 tail lamps and bootlid with SKYLINE applique, and also the weird blue and grey interior which is actually from a GT-EX sedan like this one, but the seller’s included a build plate photo which more or less confirms its DR30-ness. Most likely one with half the options ticked.

Number two is another N/A sedan of sedan-ness, also an ’83 (a good year). Exterior shots are yet to arrive but I’m betting it’s not gonna be an iron nose. from the interior photos it seems well-kept, almost like the old folks’ one. Reserving judgment until more photos arrive but the kms are lower, it’s got a WOF, and it’s only $1700. Sounds good eh?

sheepskin covers, awesome!

I get the feeling NZ isn’t quite ready to accept the DR30 as a bona-fide cult car…

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  • Steve (nzmax) says:

    Funny how when these were fresh imports to NZ shores in the late 80′s and early 90′s, they were just another Nissan Skyline in a row of Nissan Skylines for sale in a car yard. The fact that it was a DR30 wouldnt have meant anything at the time. Would be interesting to find out how many were imported here, and how many have survived the wreckers yard. I always seem to remember R30 Skylines in general, being owned by people in the 40-60 age bracket, and popular among farmers. I dont think the R30 series has been as popular or appreciated with people in NZ as what the R31 series has been.

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