MAX Excitement!

October 29, 2009

It’s been an exciting last few days for me, in that yesterday I received one parcel from Japan, via Palmerston North and today I received another. The first parcel had come via Palmerston North as it had stuff from Yahoo! Auctions Japan, (bought for us kindly by Ewan @ Hayatonka) for both myself and for my friend Richard (Snoozin), so it got sent to him for him to be able to extract his bits and then was passed further onto me.

The first box contained parts that I had bought blind for the Daihatsu Max, they had been listed strangely and on the off chance they were correct for the vehicle, I gave it a stab.  Of course a few days later the correct stuff popped up so I grabbed them regardless, which turned out to be a good idea as the first Ring Set I bought was way off.  I assume for a 500cc or greater engine.  I think the Air Filter though, might still be usable;

You have to love the packaging, Black and Red spots.  Nice.  Also included in the first box was something that will appeal to those who enjoy my “Guess the Car” blog entries. 

Ewan kindly donated these two 1/32 Owner’s Club Kitset models as prizes!  So if these appeal to you, keep your eyes peeled for the next entry and you might well be the winner!

55 Toyopet Crown, 64 Prince Gloria

'55 Toyopet Crown, '64 Prince Gloria

These small few items were but a taster of the magic to come.  Regular readers will remember the entry I made after I found and bought the items on YAJ but for those who missed it and those who want to see the reality instead of the generic auction shots, here they are;

1mm (040) Oversized Piston Kit and Full Gasket Set

Comparison New vs. Old

Comparison New vs. Old

Now looking at that you would think my troubles were over!

…except for one minor problem…

I made the mistake of thinking that the needle roller bearings used in the piston end would be easily attainable locally.  Sadly after a mission to two different local bearing specialists and a motorcycle shop or two, I’ve come up short.  I can get them through my local Toyota Dealer, at a cost and a potentially lengthy delay, so I have decided to try find them in Japan myself… Fun times.

If anyone locally or nationally can aid me in getting these little suckers quicker… LET ME KNOW!

Needle Roller Bearing... of DOOM!

Needle Roller Bearing... of DOOM!



  • Jarred says:

    mike do you have a spare one you can send me? i may have some on my shelf, that we use in verious areas on machines and tractors, or if you cant send it to me, what is the outer casing made of?

  • kyteler says:

    I can send you the only one I have. I can’t use it because it’s rusted up from sitting exposed in the engine bay, not sure what the original owner did with the other one, or the gudgeon pins for that matter! Ah well, good thing I have new ones of those. The dimensions are written on that little bit of paper too but if you still need it sent to compare then I’ll definitely give that a whirl.

  • Jarred says:

    let me see what i have on my shelf first, just in case its a waste of postage, will report back tomorrow

  • kyteler says:

    You’re a champion of champions, young Jarred.

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