S21 Model Variants

December 15, 2008

Over the short course that I’ve owned the Prince, I’ve accumulated a few minor pieces of literature in regards to it, the best of which is a genuine, of the era, Prince Motor Company, Parts Book.

1963 Prince Skyline/Skyway Parts Book

1963 Prince Skyline/Skyway Parts Book

Though obviously not as detailed as a service manual, and not able to tell me a great deal about anything along the lines of production figures, etc.  It has still provided some insight into what was available in the range……and when I’ve been trying to figure out how things are supposed to be from factory vs. how it’s now been bodged together (it is, afterall, 45 years old) it has proved worth it’s weight in gold (which would incidently, be quite a lot!)

You can see from the pictures I’ve provided, some of the examples available at the time, keeping in mind, this was the 60′s and it wasn’t really until the 70′s that the Japanese started making just about every version of a car from the one chassis type, ie. the Nissan Sunny/Datsun 1200 B110.  Came in Coupe, 2 door Sedan, 4 door Sedan, Utility/Truck, Van (2 door Station-wagon),  Wagon (4 door).  That doesn’t include the variants that were available with each version, from sports to sedate.

However, I digress!  Onto the images…

Different Versions of the “Standard”

The “Deluxe”

and lastly, the Skyway (Skyline Van/Wagon)

Obviously there’s a few more of each variant that won’t be included in this particular book in that it was for the export and not the domestic market.

That’s all for this time.


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