August 20, 2009

It’s been and gone and from all accounts was as successful as you would expect and that is, entirely so!  There’s many galleries to be seen and stories to be read, I’ll let you do all that on the RR site though.  I thought I’d share just a few of my favourite pictures seen thus far;

Caution;  This post is quite large.  Broadband or lots of waiting time may well be required after the clicking of

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Regular viewers of either RR or RC may remember this next beast from this previous post;

Diner by Night

Diner by Night

Track Racer by Day!

Track Racer by Day!

Photos on this entry are by the following RR members; prometheus, Butterz, mk14dr & The Doctor with perhaps one or two more people that I’ve missed,  my apologies if I have done.

Remember, you can view all these and many, many more on RR right here.



  • banpei says:

    Well known Celica and Chaser I see in that fourth picture! :)
    But I see you already credit The Doctor for some of the pictures. :P

  • Thomas / The Doctor says:

    haha, got a link to this blog, because a mates Celica is pictured on this blog, only to find some pics i took! :)

    it was a brilliant meet, the best one i’ve ever been to!

  • kyteler says:

    banpei; Yeah, I’ve conversed with The Doctor on a few forums (RR, OJC), I love his little Corolla. Have to say I do prefer the new guise of the Celica to the old, not that I didn’t like the old. Just the new is better.

    The Doctor; Looks like the meet was amazing. Did you take the Chaser onto the track? I browsed a lot of pictures and don’t recall seeing it on there. Would have loved a video of it blasting around the track after that one you shared on JNC of it’s awesome howl driving past the camera.

    Oh and just to be sure, I’m ‘kyteler’, I own the ’73 C110 Skyline and the ’63 S21 Skyline , retro-classics is my site/blog though that was probably obvious haha.

  • Josh says:

    Holy shit that half and half VW is interesting.

  • kidDynamo says:

    So going to put it on my list of things to do while in Europe.

  • Thomas / The Doctor says:

    I didn’t take it around the track. The stupid autobox kills all the fun + the suspension is not good. I tried it on a big dutch track first (Zandvoort) and my little daily/track 1.3 Starlet drives circles around it on the big track, let alone the small track at Retro-Rides 09! I got it on the rolling road though (118 bhp! :) ).

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