Tom, you lucky bugger

August 4, 2009

This post is intentionally devoid of words. Just look at the photos, dammit.

a few choice cuts after the jump, and you can find the complete flickr set here »

(with thanks to Tom, our intrepid yurop-een “correspondent”)

P1020075 (by theblogoftom)

Fuck. Yes.

P1020016 (by theblogoftom)


P1020595 (by theblogoftom)

I <3 Porkers

P1020032 (by theblogoftom)

wonder if it's got a pinto innit?

P1020527 (by theblogoftom)

Fiat X1/9

P1020352 (by theblogoftom)

Sierra Cossie

P1020634 (by theblogoftom)

One for the frog lovers

P1020029 (by theblogoftom)

I want me some of those rims. Hell, just give me the whole car

just a few from the 59th trento bondone hillclimb »

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