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June 2, 2009

…following on from this update.

Well after much cursing and swearing, I got the old fuel pump controller out, and what a disappointingly plain object it turned out to be. Thanks Nissan, for locating the mounting screws underneath the parcel shelf trim – spent a good hour or so carefully removing the rear shelf speakers, the rear seat backs, and all the christmas tree clips – whilst trying not to break anything in the process…

thanks, nissan. (by decypher the code)

Oh yes. Silly little thing.

The one from squid (which replaces the faulty unit you see here) wasn’t quite as torturous to remove, being located on the inside of the rear wheelarch behind a trim panel… but it still took more time than it should have (plus I had to drive 150km down the road to another city to fetch it). Ah well, the joys of old cars – typically, the parts which break the most often are always the hardest to remove and replace.

anyway, my plea still stands: if anyone happens to have a fuel pump controller in working condition that looks like the one above, PLEASE let me (or Michael) know and I shall arrange to buy it off you. As before, I’ve heard musings that L20ET, VG20ET and VG30ETs use the same part, made by JECS. The plug has a rectangular 8-pin layout and the numbers on the controller itself read as follows:

17001 R2200
A63-000 100
(may be a serial number; squid had a slightly different one)

And the verdict? the coupe definitely drives a lot better with the replacement controller in place; no more low-down hesitation and strange surging on acceleration. clearly the old one was faulting to the extent that the voltages being supplied to the pump were less than optimal.

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