…another satisfied customer :D

Got into work this morning to find this box ‘o swag waiting for me at dispatch:

box 'o swag (by retro-classics)

Express delivery: four days from Nagoya to Auckland (including the long weekend)

opened it up to reveal… JDM newspaper and magazine wrapping!

it opens the box... (by retro-classics)

JDM newspaper: every fanboi

followed by a veritable pile of goodness underneath.

swag! (by retro-classics)


The SA22C B-pillar ROTARY TURBO badges were a lucky score – I’d seen a set on trademe about a year ago, but they ended up selling to someone else for a ridiculous amount… in the vicinity of NZ$400 actually :o fortunately thanks to Ewan’s shrewd bidding skills I only paid a mere NZ$20 for this set.

I originally bought the J’s Tipo magazine for the DR30 on the cover, but looking closer at the text revealed a whole host of articles on awesome ’80s sports cars (“We Love Neo Historic J’s”) including a neat-o hot hatch comparison. Even the Laser TX3 gets a mention!

plus we have another bunch of Mazda Familia catalogues to add to my already large collection. There ain’t no party like a Mazda party!

contents 1 (by retro-classics) contents 2 (by retro-classics)

Car Graphic Magazine is authentic 1985 and contains new car driving tests as well as photos and articles on the design process of a fair number of vehicles reviewed. It contains plenty of Euros too – the next article after the Familia one is for the ‘new’ Mercedes 300E, and I’m sure I saw a Testarossa tucked away in there somewhere. also of note are the numerous period advertisements, including a shitload of mag wheel ones. Will definitely need to scan some of ‘em at a later date.

The Mazda cars guide is an overview of what you could buy from your local dealer circa 1986 and covers everything from the Bongo flatdeck to the Savanna RX-7 :D

finally I decided to splash out on a couple of sweet Nostalgic Hero magazine stickers, one each for my DR30 coupe and the SA22C. Thought it’d be a nice touch, in a kitschy sort of way.

Many thanks to Ewan @ HayaTonka for his efforts in procuring and sending said items, and if you feel like purchasing something of your own off Yahoo! Auctions Japan, drop Ewan a line and say retro-classics sent you (and you’ll even receive 5% off the commission total!)

contents 3 (by retro-classics) contents 4 (by retro-classics)

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  • Grant Ford says:

    Good Morning. I looking for a price and availability of Vol 38 & 74, plus others related to the Mazda Cosmo L10A or L10B Cheers Grant.

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