Over the Queens Birthday weekend, it is quite common for there to be event of an automobile nature acrtoss much of the country, though I didnt look for anything specifically in my area I was lucky enough that Raizer from oldschool.co.nz covered for me, the Gisborne Car & Bike Show, oddly enough, In Gisborne, NZ.

With a scratch over 200 photos there’s plenty to view, I’ve included a few minor sample in this post but the link to the gallery on the retro-classics.co.nz flickr account is at the bottom of the page so you’ll have to read the entry to get to it :P

As is typical with many NZ car shows, the predominant feature is that of an American nature, you can see this point clearly evident in the gallery, not saying it’s a bad thing but it certainly would be nicer to see a little more diversity or acceptance of cars from other countries being regarded as classics.  Irrespective of that, here’s a few samples from the gallery that caught my eye;

1934 Chevrolet Coupe

1963 Chevrolet Nova

1963 Chevrolet Nova

Again with many thanks given to Raizer for providing coverage, you can view the rest here;

retro-classics.co.nz Gisborne Car Show Gallery



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