Having not stumbled through the projects on retro-rides.org for a while I decided to do so today, in aid of finding something worth of biffing up on here for everyone to admire in all it’s greatness.  As is usually the case with RR, to find such an example did not take long at all.  There’s was in fact something on the very first page that caught my eye.  A collection of letters inside some brackets on a NightmaresRacing thread that spelt out “ITS ALIVE 25/4/09″…    …well, anyone who frequents RR will know that anytime Nightmares does something, it’s done to an amazing quality and in a short space of time.  I’ll let you wander around the thread itself but here’s a sneak preview of what is the product of a seriously amazing craftsman.

More pictures and videos can be seen on the “Reader’s Ride” thread, here;


If you thought the previous guise looked familiar, you may have caught it on a this RC entry;


I dare say that Leon/zep of oldschool would very much like to be passenger again in this Cortina now that there’s an 8 instead of a charged 6 in it.  Not that it wasn’t cool before, but that’s NightmaresRacing, always changing things up and making things amazing.

Of course, while you’re on RR looking at that thread, you might as well check out the rest of the forums.  It’s an amazing place for any car enthusiast.  Just leave your bias at the door and you’ll on the right track for automotive heaven.



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