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The listing description describes it as the “Rearest” Datsun in NZ… I think the seller means “rarest”, but point taken – it’s the only KP510 coupe I’m aware of in the country. Michael may be able to shed more light on the subject since he has connections to more local Datsun weirdos than I can even comprehend, lololol.

Those tail lights... drool.

Yours for a cool $22,000 and comes with all the fruit, such as the Watanabe rims, front chin spoiler, sweet L16 engine with twin Mikuni crabs, and aftermarket suspension.

Authentic RS-8s of dish.

One day I shall own a ’70s Datto coupe, but between the Bluebird, Skyline, Laurel and Fairlady there’s so many different ones to choose from.

Not quite a C10, but the '70s Nissan DNA is definitely there.

Now where did I put my secret stash of asian millionaire gambling moneys?

1970 Datsun 1600 coupe for sale on Trademe »

Those who know Richard on or the other forums he’s a member of, are likely to be aware of his KP61 Starlet, the project is in the middle of a rebuild, lots of work has already been done and a lot of parts have been accumulated.   Due to a move up country, it’s no longer receiving the attention it requires and the time has come for it to be sold.  If you’re into Starlet’s and want one that’s not been destroyed by retards then this car is for you.

Buy me!

Yes, it is that car.  That’s not a sample picture and that’s BEFORE it was getting some more things tidied up on it.  For more information on the car you can check out the build thread and to see comes with, the for sale thread on

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