Those who know Richard on or the other forums he’s a member of, are likely to be aware of his KP61 Starlet, the project is in the middle of a rebuild, lots of work has already been done and a lot of parts have been accumulated.   Due to a move up country, it’s no longer receiving the attention it requires and the time has come for it to be sold.  If you’re into Starlet’s and want one that’s not been destroyed by retards then this car is for you.

Buy me!

Yes, it is that car.  That’s not a sample picture and that’s BEFORE it was getting some more things tidied up on it.  For more information on the car you can check out the build thread and to see comes with, the for sale thread on

Alternatively, keep reading…

1981 Toyota Starlet XL ‘Lisse’

(JDM model, KP61 factory fitted 4K unlike NZ models which were 2K and 3K only in this shape)

- current status is a rolling shell with full interior fitted.
- I have just had the engine bay completely repainted, smoothed, battery tray, voltage reg bracket and other unnecessary brackets deleted. All filled with steel, not just bogged up. Painted to suit exterior.
- loom is uncut but will need to be modded for a new alternator with internal regulator (Suzuki G16B one will bolt on to K series engine location)
- EVERYTHING is there to reassemble front end and reinstall a K series engine, all bolts in labelled snaplock bags so simple to sort
- guards and panels all bolted on with brand new fasteners
- inner guards finished in a stonechip proof underseal/paint (not that gloopy old type shit)
- exterior paint still in ACE condition, would be even better with a cut since it never was since it got painted 4 years ago
- sitting on King springs with Monroe gas shocks currently
- good diff and brakes

What parts are there?

- original 4K-U engine (electronic ignition) with 4 speed K40 box
- 1x 5K engine (hydraulic lifter) running well when removed from Liteace van
- 2x 5 speed K50 gearboxes with Starlet tailhousings (a bit rare now)
- freshly built coilovers with T3 camber plates and RCA’s (never used, 80mm shorter than stock owe me $900 in parts and machining)
- recond crossmember, steering rack
- brand new lower arms, all new front end bushes and brackets refurbed and powdercoated.
- stripped hubs and freshly skimmed brake rotors ready for new wheel bearings (supplied)
- HEAPS of panels (bonnets, guards, doors, hatches)
- 2 sets of genuine KP61 fender mirrors
- very rare KP61 S spec tacho dash (JDM only)
- spare Lisse spec front seats (again, rocking horse shit)
- spare lights, tail lights, also an additional set of early spec ‘bugeye’ tail lights (smoother look)
- Advan A3A 13×6″ +6 offset wheels with good 165/65 tyres
- Hayashi Street 13×7 +6 and -8 offset wheels (no tyres, and negotiable with sale)
- SSR Bright Speed Racing 14×6.5 0 offset with good 175/60 tyres (negotiable with sale also)
- U code diff with axles to suit (larger than stock 5.6″ X code and bolts into stock housing)
- Yamaha R1 40mm Mikuni CV carbs (no manifold to suit)
- spare electronic ignition setup
- spare grilles (JDM spec) head light surrounds
- spare windscreen, hatch and window glass
- Coby 4-1 headers to suit K series engine
- spare Fujitsu Ten radio and optional extra tape deck (JDM spec, rare)
- Nardi classic steering wheel with boss kit in mint condition (wood or leather option)
- retro Bride reclining sports seat x1 in good condition (needs a damn good shampoo)
- spare stock carbs, manifolds (intake and exhaust), alternators, starter motors, rocker covers, 1x 3K shortblock, bumpers, door seals, windscreen seals, the list goes on.

SO much more I have forgotten – it’s all sitting out at my folks still. There is almost definitely lots more BRAND NEW PARTS I have neglected to mention.

PACKAGE PRICE – $5800 (excluding SSR and Hayashi wheels)
You will be hard pressed to find a tidier flat front type KP61 in NZ. Essentially you are buying a heap of quality parts and are getting a super straight, tidy KP Starlet rolling body with very tidy interior for free.

Negotiable depending on what parts supplied and no parts sold separately until car is sold.



Good luck with the sale, Ricardo.  Hopefully the new owner shares your attention to detail.













  • james dunlop-christie says:

    Hi mate, nice car… dont still have the R1 carbs do you, and if you do how much do you want for them…cheers james

  • jeffrey says:

    dear sir

    do you still have the car for sale??

    thanks and regards jeffrey

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