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The Frosty Mornings Begin

Here’s an awesome random retro snap of a Savanna RX-7 and Laser TX3 side by side, Jap plates and all. Can’t get much more authentic than this!

FC3S and BFMRF in Japan (by decypher the code)


A great example of the Ford-Mazda Japan partnership in the 1980s.

Source: CAR GRAPHIC Magazine, Feb 1986.

1934 Packard Super Eight

This fine example of a restoration was a participant in the NZ Classic Car Rally that was held recently in Gisborne, those familiar with the RC will have already seen the photos of the event itself (though if you haven’t you can get to them here).

Why is the car a Super 8? Well it’s 8 inline cylinders of 100% Pure, undiluted awesome;

6.1 litre, Straight 8, Gloss & Chrome. All class.

The more observant of you will note the symmetry requires a spare wheel on each side of the vehicle, held in colour coded covers no less with their very own Packard brand padlocks… (more…)