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By the time you read this article, the auction in question will have expired (either with or without a buyer).

Phillip Weston RMVT or one of the Mitsi aficionados can correct me if I’m wrong – but as far as I know, facelift narrowbody GSR-Vs (post-1985) with the 2.0 Sirius DASH engine are a rare breed, since by this time the widebody GSR-VR model with the 2.6 Astron had pretty much superseded the rest of the Starion range. So to see one for sale on YAJ in tidy condition, and for a very reasonable price is pleasantly surprising indeed.

and don’t you just love the versatility of bronze Watanabes?

1987 Mitsubishi Starion: DASH 3x2 powered!

For 280,000 yen (buynow) you’d be safe to assume someone would snap it up ultra quick, if not locally within Japan then possibly internationally – as this recent thread on Austarions would suggest.

if I had the means to buy it right now, I would… but bigger and better things currently take precedence. Hopefully in my next scheduled blog update I can shed more light on this very subject.

Rare car! Mitsubishi Starion GSR V for sale on Yahoo! Auctions Japan »

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