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So, seeing as Cameron is too lazy to post up about these missions himself, I figured I might as well share a few pictures that he posted up recently on the website;

How is that so slammed? Oh.. that's right.

Wait a minute....

There's TWO!

Sweet, sweet cars.


A little bit of digging about for something to watch while at work netted this little selection, I figured you chaps might be keen on an peep too. You can also see a few more 70′s videos as well as more other era’s of motor-racing videos on the uploaders profile page hotcakemix00

The other three after the jump…

Finally!  I apologise for the massive delay but getting through the renaming of 380 files and the deleting of many more took a lot longer than I anticipated, that being, I had to have many breaks to stop stoving my own head in with a shovel or similar.  HOWEVER!  it’s done now.  So enjoy..

Subtle Red, White & Blue.

Thankfully my girlfriend had a friend who lived on the second level of a building of the main street where the street parade took place, which meant I could get a decent amount of photographs without too many people getting in the way and that they were of a better angle (for the most part) than they could have been from shots taken on level par with the cars themselves…  (more…)

Sorry folks, I’ve been working on it but it’s a painfully slow task to label all these damn photographs, I’ve taken some shortcuts but I should be done with the lot tomorrow, in the meantime, here’s a quick preview;

Saturday Show

Friday Street Parade


You may recall the post a few months back about a chap (Glomerus) in the Ukraine that had discovered, purchased, salvaged and begun restoration on a PC110 (4cylinder Skyline).  Glomerus is one of many Japanese car enthusiasts in the Ukraine and as the title of this entry suggests, they got together as many do across the globe to share their passion and enjoyment of the cars.

You don’t get a more fitting flagship than a chrome-laden Cedric with a Japanese Imperial ‘Rising Sun’ flag.  It seems the majority of the earlier cars at the meet, late 70′s and early 80′s were predominantly the domain of Nissan, whereas the slightly newer cars mid to late 80′s were more largely represented by Toyota.   A few more shots and some Gallery links after the jump;  (more…)