You may recall the post a few months back about a chap (Glomerus) in the Ukraine that had discovered, purchased, salvaged and begun restoration on a PC110 (4cylinder Skyline).  Glomerus is one of many Japanese car enthusiasts in the Ukraine and as the title of this entry suggests, they got together as many do across the globe to share their passion and enjoyment of the cars.

You don’t get a more fitting flagship than a chrome-laden Cedric with a Japanese Imperial ‘Rising Sun’ flag.  It seems the majority of the earlier cars at the meet, late 70′s and early 80′s were predominantly the domain of Nissan, whereas the slightly newer cars mid to late 80′s were more largely represented by Toyota.   A few more shots and some Gallery links after the jump; 

Carina & 'Bulldog'

C230 Laurel

...and another!

These creatures make me wonder what happened to the orange C230 that was on a while back.  I hope it went to a good home.

Toyota Soarer

Toyota Crown Estate

Such an eclectic mix of classic and retro cars in the Ukraine.  To check out more of the photos and other cars featured in said photos follow these links;

Enjoy! and thanks to Glomerus for sharing.



  • Glomerus says:

    Cool selection! Gonna provide fresh retro news from Ukraine further!!!

  • Steve - nzmax says:

    The 330 Cedric has hardtop tail lights even though its a sedan. Wonder if that was standard for the Ukraine or if the originals have been replaced.

  • RoadHog says:

    None of the cars represented in our club are domestic Ukraine models as only europenian cars were officially imported. Most of them were imported by Soviet seaman in late 80-th, early 90-th and are mainly japanese domestic cars. Find out more on our portal!

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