Finally!  I apologise for the massive delay but getting through the renaming of 380 files and the deleting of many more took a lot longer than I anticipated, that being, I had to have many breaks to stop stoving my own head in with a shovel or similar.  HOWEVER!  it’s done now.  So enjoy..

Subtle Red, White & Blue.

Thankfully my girlfriend had a friend who lived on the second level of a building of the main street where the street parade took place, which meant I could get a decent amount of photographs without too many people getting in the way and that they were of a better angle (for the most part) than they could have been from shots taken on level par with the cars themselves… 

I’ll only share a few more here, as you can imagine looking through 380 photographs on this one page would prove hazardous to modems and data-caps across most of NZ.

1949 Mercury Sedan

1956 Chrysler Windsor. The best car at the event.

Ford Yuckstang

Ford Yuckstang - rear

This hideous beast was the “prize” that some lucky, lucky person won at the end of the event.  I sincerely hope it was someone out of town.

Sweet Pontiac SuperChief & Chevrolet Corvette

The Ford Mustang, more common than a Holden Commonwhore.

Race Inspired 1966 Chevrolet Impala

You can scope out the many more on the RC flickr Gallery, here;

AmeriCARna 2010 – Invercargill

As is usual, any that you would like in a larger resolution just let me know via comment and I’ll see what I can do for you.  I didn’t bother altering any of these photos, the only post-processing is the addition of the watermark.



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  • Eliot says:

    Windsor and mercury are superb. I think it’s due to hitting the ol’ quarter century, but cars of Yank descent are looking more awesome by the day

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