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OK, so obviously I didn’t go out to the photo-shoot (as shown yesterday) without my own camera and now that the little tiny feature has come out I figure I might as well share the shots I took that afternoon;

Just like a 70's brochure, but... not.

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So, I sent an email to my friend Ewan ( – the link is on the left) about some photos he took at a show he was at recently.  He had rang me whilst he was there and was quite excited about what was available.  He sent me some pictures of said show but also gave me a link to another photo gallery, the viewing of which saw me picking my jaw up off the floor, as such, I had to share it with you all.

新和自動車 & Classic Car Nagoya

Sure, at first glance it’s a bunch of modern vans & a sweet Isuzu Bellett, but look a bit deep behind that Isuzu.  Click the picture if you have to….   if you still can’t tell, then carry on through.


By the time you read this article, the auction in question will have expired (either with or without a buyer).

Phillip Weston RMVT or one of the Mitsi aficionados can correct me if I’m wrong – but as far as I know, facelift narrowbody GSR-Vs (post-1985) with the 2.0 Sirius DASH engine are a rare breed, since by this time the widebody GSR-VR model with the 2.6 Astron had pretty much superseded the rest of the Starion range. So to see one for sale on YAJ in tidy condition, and for a very reasonable price is pleasantly surprising indeed.

and don’t you just love the versatility of bronze Watanabes?

1987 Mitsubishi Starion: DASH 3x2 powered!

For 280,000 yen (buynow) you’d be safe to assume someone would snap it up ultra quick, if not locally within Japan then possibly internationally – as this recent thread on Austarions would suggest.

if I had the means to buy it right now, I would… but bigger and better things currently take precedence. Hopefully in my next scheduled blog update I can shed more light on this very subject.

Rare car! Mitsubishi Starion GSR V for sale on Yahoo! Auctions Japan »