With Rally New Zealand 2010 just around the corner, today’s random retro snap is brought to you by the letters W, R and C.

Spotted in Japan – a meticulously recreated Familia WRC replica. The livery commemorates the 1989 Swedish Rally, where the BFMR famously took 1st place in the hands of driver Ingvar Carlsson (who sadly passed away in 2009). However, oddly enough, if you look closer this particular replica actually bears the decals of second works team driver Timo Salonen…


1989 was in fact a good year for Mazda Rally Team Europe, as Carlsson also went on to win Rally New Zealand later in the season, no doubt helping to kickstart this nation’s obsession with the Familia!

I sometimes dream of building an ’80s rallycar replica of my own, but it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon…

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