Car Spotting

My morning browse of JNC turned up this little gem.

Read the article here;

70′s Celica recovered from the depths

You may find it hard to believe but the Paul Newman Version R30 Skylines still fetch a decent amount of coin back in Japan. Apart from being specced to the same level as the top of the line GT-ES models and the inclusion of a R200 LSD as standard equipment there’s not much else that makes the PNV any better than a regular HR30. (Unless you count the signature decals of course)

For sale on Goo-net: Paul Newman Ver! L20 Turbo! RS Watanabe Alloy Wheel!


Came across this freakin’ awesome piece o’ kit while doing the daily Yahoo Used Car trawl… I’ll let this plaque do the talking.

Specially Tuned by Special Engine Maker!


I was visiting a friend this weekend just been whose birthday it is today (Happy Birthday, Adrian :P ) irrelevant to mention, I know.  Anyway.  He informed me that he’d spotted a car returning to the earth but had no camera on him at the time to take a photo so he gave me the directions and I shot off to have a gander at it and this is what greeted me when I found it.  Can you tell what it is?

I think it might have sat there a while.  Certainly before that tree started growing beside it.

So!  What do you think it is?



Welcome to the cockpit, I'm your Pilot.

I checked out this C211 Hardtop recently.  Taking donations to try and purchase it if anyone is keen to help? :P