You may find it hard to believe but the Paul Newman Version R30 Skylines still fetch a decent amount of coin back in Japan. Apart from being specced to the same level as the top of the line GT-ES models and the inclusion of a R200 LSD as standard equipment there’s not much else that makes the PNV any better than a regular HR30. (Unless you count the signature decals of course)

For sale on Goo-net: Paul Newman Ver! L20 Turbo! RS Watanabe Alloy Wheel!

This is the first PNV coupe I’ve seen for sale in some time, and at 850,000 yen it’s definitely not priced for the average joe – that’s more than you’d expect to shell out for a tidy KDR30! I guess that’s all part and parcel of the way Japanese people treat “signature versions” of cars with slightly more reverence than the regular cooking models. (Sonia Rykiel Laser, Bruce Willis Legacy, Jackie Chan Starion to name but a few…)

Beautiful interior and exterior.

GARAGE TAKEEY seems to have a lot of rare, nostalgic and/or classic vehicles passing through their yard these days. Arond this time last year we were linked to a ridiculously tidy BFMR Mazda Familia GT, and a glance through their stock list reveals a whole host of old gems. Go see for yourself.

Turbo Nissan Skyline GT-ES Paul Newman Ver for sale on Goo-net »


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